Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Some Joy...

The recent events in Sydney have left me very sad....

I've spent some time on a wool felting project which 

didn't require much thought.

The wool 'roving' was a bargain at Daiso!

I was inspired by this photo on the BHG website.

It took no time to put together...

I embroidered some "JOY" onto the little felt flags.

And have it hanging on my mirror!

That's the best photo I could get, without showing 

you my messy sewing corner!

Now I am planning some new, more challenging 


with this lovely packet of rainbow wool I bought 


But first I have some hashtag blocks to make for Mollie Sparkles!

I hope you find some joy in today, and everyday.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rescuing Orphans....

Orphan blocks, in fact!

As my working year comes to a close, I find myself 

tidying my sewing space.

I found these two 'sample' blocks from previous 


And decided to 'make something of them'!

I've also wanted to improve my FMQ skills,

since winning this...

So after some extensive practise,

I quilted this one with 'pebbles',

or maybe snow?

A candle mat,

and a mug rug!

Linking up with Scraptastic Tuesday,

Scraptastic Tuesday

because even the bindings were scraps 

from previous projects!

How is your Christmas sewing going?

Happy sewing!


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Modern Amish...

That's the working title for my 2014 MCM Bee quilt!

I now have twelve blocks, with this latest addition....

my Dusty Miller block!

I love making this block and I love the way it comes 


There is something very satisfying about making a 

block of your own design!

And here it is partying with it's bee friends!

Thank you bee buddies,

they look SO good together!

And this where they are headed....

That big black centre is going to become 

a feathered star, I think.

That's my plan, anyway!

Who knows what I will decide over the coming 

Summer months?

Happy sewing!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Odds and Ends...

My Homespun project has returned home!

And I have plans for another block from my 


to play with my MCM Bee blocks!

There have been stars in the making too....

It has been quite a challenge for me working with 

such a limited colour palette,

but I think this is working....

And I'm appliqueing, with blanket stitch,

 some leaf shapes to be added 

to my Spring Garden quilt top!

What have you been up to this weekend?

Happy sewing!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

"Martha's Medallion"- a finish!

I am pretty chuffed to have this one finished....

it was over two years in the making!

It is Judy Newman's "Museum Medallion" pattern,

with the main fabrics- the pink and yellow borders,

purchased from Amitie!

The rest of the fabrics came from my stash/scraps,

with some special additions from blogging friends,

around the world!

Apart from the long straight seams, 

it was entirely hand pieced....

And hand quilted with some Finca 

and some Aurifil thread!

The backing is one of those extra wide fabrics, 

because this quilt is a monster at 90" square!

The backing is rather plain but that meant there 


no joined seams to cope with!

So a pretty label was a fun way 

to add a bit of interest...

Why "Martha's Medallion", I hear you ask?

My sister lives at Mt Martha, 

and many happy hours were spent stitching this 

while visiting her!

I would have liked some better outside photos,

but there was a distinct lack of quilt holders 


Looks like it's time to start planning my next hand 

piecing project!

Any suggestions?

Happy sewing!


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


of the fabric kind!

While I enjoyed making these Swedish Blooms,

 they did not prove

the scrapbuster block I was looking for!

I then came across this  

Amsterdam quilt with tulips!

So I turned my hand to these....

And they have been great for cutting down the 


I've enjoyed going through my fabrics,

finding fabrics I had forgotten about 

or remembering who gave them to me!

(Thanks Carla, there are some from you in here!)

All blocks have been made from my scraps!

I'm hoping to have this top together pretty soon!

Linking up with Leanne and Nicky

for Scraptastic Tuesday!

Happy Sewing...


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Running out of steam...

for my Polaroid Calendar Series!

Ideas for November were scarce, especially as

 Halloween or Thanksgiving are not really celebrated 

in the Southern Hemisphere.

So for the last in the series, 

this is the best I could do!

More Spring flowers....

I have written some simple instructions, 

should anyone want to make their own 

Polaroid Calendar;

its now on a separate page at the top of my blog.

To make it up to you

 I couldn't resist a mini quilt show 

of the whole series....

This makes me smile!

Summer & Autumn

Winter & Spring

and the backs....

and them all stacked up!

Happy sewing!


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